Thursday, June 29, 2017

MIndful, Day 176-177, Memory Scent

I never got to posting on Day 175 as I was trying to get my workshop work done.  But what I noticed both yesterday and today each time I walked out the door of the classroom was the wonderful scent of pine in the air. It is a scent that rings my chimes - I think of the many forests I have walked in and enjoyed in so many places. I think it is also one of those memory scents for me. One that takes you back to childhood in an instant. I go straight back to my aunt's home on Wooster Lake in Illinois and the times we would go there in the summer and be under the trees and hear the birds and the water lapping on the lake and the wind blowing the leaves.  It's where I started to love being in the woods. As I write this I am in almost the exact situation - sitting under trees and hearing the birds busy in the early morning. Some things that don't change are good.

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