Thursday, November 18, 2010

Summer Flight

Here is the full size Summer Flight piece that I posted a detail of couple of weeks ago. I had a comment asking to see the full piece. It is 24' x 72", silk charmeuse. My client was happy with the results!


  1. This is gorgeous, Barbara. Can you share a bit about the processes? I am sure the depth on charmeuse is luscious.

  2. HI Darcy,
    I am glad you like it - the charmeuse reminded me of all your beautiful work on charmeuse. I actually acid dyed the backgorund - just painted it on and moved it around and let it blend. Then the rest of the texture was added with MX dyes and paint. I did some experiments with Vat dyes for the dragonflies but they ended up as paint. And the rondels where first a circke of transparent white and then overprinted with silvery grey. I want to do another piece with the dragonflies and vat dyes - sooooon!