Thursday, April 13, 2017

Mindful, Day 101, The Power of Pause

I read this article at the website this morning. I am struck by the title first and then the philosophy behind the work of Abigial Booth, an English artist. These quotes below capture it, especially the last one.

This focus on experimentation enables her process to be unhurried, starting each piece with a simple observation of a found object or architectural detail. From there she sketches, designs, naturally dyes and hand-stitches almost all of her quilts.

 As Abigail sees it, all of the materials command a certain level of respect as they are to all intents and purposes still alive – vats of dye for instance, will forever continue to change as they age. 

By tuning into the tiny details of the environment, Abigail’s quilts simmer down their surroundings, and draw out the natural power of pause.

This piece is Torn Bars, 2016, shown at

Click on the link below to read and see her work on the site.

The Power of Pause article

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