Thursday, March 9, 2017

Mindful, Day 67, Making Progress

Yesterday I spent the entire day at the studio getting things put away, projects that need work sorted out, trial runs on solutions to problems, just enjoying being in my space doing my thing. I looked at all the Beautiful Faces series laid out together and feel pretty good about them as a series. I have done two of them twice already and I can see the improvement but I may decide to redo a third time. Thinking back to my Mindful poem - "to instruct myself over over again in joy".  I feel joy when I get it right so I think they need to be done once more with what I' ve learned. Which leads me to think on what other techniques might I use on the not quite right ones that could move them in some new direction? Working on new ideas is also a great joy.

Beautiful Face, var. 5

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