Monday, March 20, 2017

Mindful, Day 78, Beautiful Faces

I spent Saturday, happily, at the studio getting ready for upcoming 4th Friday event. I am going to show a lot of the pieces from my new series, Beautiful Faces. They are based on photos of antique busts, often in their original settings (like a garden). I think the faces are beautiful with the marks created by weather and time and maybe even lichens or moss.  I have created 13 so far - I think I have two or three more that I want to finish to complete the series.  I have learned a lot from doing these - they are all thread painted and getting the right combination of color, thread weight, and movment to create the textured surfaces has taken some time. Each face needs something a little different depending on how strong or delicate it is.  Yesterday was about finishing - mats, wiring, labels, display. Satisfying to seem them all together, complete!

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