Saturday, May 27, 2017

Mindful, Day 145, Thankful for Our Veterans

I spent some time this afternoon in an old cemetery in Athens, OH in between events at Quilt National. Very peaceful and beautiful place with the military graves all marked for Memorial Day. Most of the graves here were from the Civil war or before and many are no longer readable at all or broken or fallen.  I wonder about the stories behind all these graves, what it was like to live in this place in the mid 1800s when it was pretty far "west".  And how this area was pretty "south" as well so it would have been a mix of Union and Confederate sympathies. I hope we all take time this weekend to honor our veterans. In spite of everything going on in this country we still have many freedoms and opportunites that are not available lesewhere and we need to be thankful for those who made that possible.

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