Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Mindful Day 17, The Rain Room

Today we went to LACMA, the Los Angeles County Art Museum, to see a variety of things, but most especially, the exhibit Rain Room. You enter in small groups and have limited time to be there. It is an entire room with falling water, going from a grid in ceiling to a grid in floor and the rain is UN- actiivated by your presence and movement through the room.  So wherever you walk it stops raining!  What fun to watch everyone walking around. The room is dark so the rain is so sparkly and white as it falls around you. The sound is so encompassing - like a big rainstorm but you can be in it and enjoy being surrounded on all sides by the water but not get wet (mostly). 

The other even more moving experience was the James Turrell installation piece called Breathing Light. (That alone is enough for me to stop and think). Breathing Light is one of the artist's Ganzfeld pieces: an installation designed to entirely eliminate the viewer's depth perception.We entered an environment where we were enveloped by color slowing changing like fog around us. And as you looked back thorugh the opening to the white wall beyond the complementary color builds and dissovles as the color you are part of slowly changes.  You could just fall into this and feel totally at peace and part of the color. No photos allowed and hard to describe but wonderful to experience.

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