Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Mindful, Day 38, Reflections on Being an Artist

Yesterday we took a drive to see the Noah Purifoy Outdoor Art Musuem in Joshua Tree, CA. Noah Purifoy was an artist who dedicated himself to the found object, and to using art as a tool for social change.

I do not wish to be an artist, I only wish that art enables me to be.
 – Noah Purifoy, 1963

 This very large outdoor art musuem is entirely constructed from found objects. Most of it is slowly deteriorating in the climate. There are fascinating things to see and I am continually intrigued by how he saw the world.  I find that photographying his art/objects with my take on art leads to new ideas.

These photos of broken and arranged mirrors  on the ground include I what I can see reflected back into the photo. And then the whole figure/ground thing is going on as well. I iwll hsare some more observations as I reflect on them in the next few days. A link to the musuem is below.

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