Sunday, February 26, 2017

Mindful, Day 56, It's all Good and it's all Gold

Today I reading one of my favorite blogs, On Being. Parker Palmer, one of the writers, was looking at what he has learned in his life as he welcomes his 78th birthday. The whole column resonates with me but especially these lines near the end.

“It matters not to me whether I am resurrected in a loon calling on the lake, a sun-glazed pine, a wildflower on the forest floor, the stuff that fertilizes those trees and flowers, or the Northern Lights and the stars that lie beyond them. It’s all good and it’s all gold, a vast web of life in which body and spirit are one.
I won’t be glad to say goodbye to life, to challenges that help me grow, to gifts freely-given, to everyone and everything I love. But I will be glad to play a bit part in making new life possible for others. That’s a prospect that makes life worth dying for.

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